• BMC Auto CPAP System M1 Mini

Auto CPAP System - M1 Mini

The BMC M1 Mini is an Automatic Pressure Adjusting Travel CPAP device designed for the treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS). It is so small and light that can be taken almost anywhere!

BMC M1 मिनी एक ऑटोमैटिक प्रेशर एडजस्टिंग ट्रैवल CPAP डिवाइस है जिसे खर्राटों और ऑब्सट्रक्टिव स्लीप एपनिया और हाइपोपनिया सिंड्रोम (OSAHS) के इलाज के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। यह इतना छोटा और हल्का है कि इसे लगभग कहीं भी ले जाया जा सकता है! यह सुरूप और सघन, यात्रा में ले जाने योग्य और शक्तिशाली है| 

Stylish and compact, portable and powerful
  • Gorgeous and streamlined body
  • Weighing < 400 g
  • Easy to carry, travel wherever you go!
Waterless humidification, relax with warm, humid air as you breathe
  • A waterless humidification mask eliminates complicated operation and condensation. Just enjoy the warm air.
Both appearance and performance are valued for your comfort
  • Powerful coreless motor, quiet and stable operation with a long service life
  • Advanced Cortex™-M4 chip enhances the ability to calculate and give a response
  • The unique pressure sensitivity for female users can adapt to respiration for personalized comfort
  • Intelligent Smart A/C pressure adjusting algorithm, more convenient to use
Exclusive App for ease of control
  • Bluetooth® technology for ease of use
  • The therapy report in your hand gives you peace of mind
  • Remote online service, distance is no problem

Dimensions: 159 mm x 66 mm « 72 mm
Weight: < 400g
Working Mode: Auto CPAP
Pressure Range: 4-20hPa
Leak Prompt: Yes
Sound Pressure Level: <30dB
Carrying Case: Optional

Experience the compact and efficient BMC Auto CPAP M1 Mini at CareOne MediMart. Our BMC Auto CPAP M1 Mini is designed to provide you with effective sleep apnea therapy in a small package. Shop with us today and take a step towards better sleep health.

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BMC Auto CPAP System M1 Mini

  • Brand: BMC Medical
  • Product Code: BMC-AutoCPAP-M1Mini
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  • ₹53,500.00
  • ₹42,990.00

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